About Me

Aldo G Soraluz

Web Developer & Designer

Aldo G. Soraluz

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What I do

Web Design

I use an innovative development process to build beautiful websites. Every design is branded for you, using your color scheme, logos, photography and more.


I provide Online shopping e-commerce for retail sales direct to consumers building payments infrastructure for the web. It's easy to accept credit cards online.

SEO & Google Tools

What good is a beautiful website if it’s not found by search engines? I work with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Shopping Merchant, SEM and SEO to create campaigns to reach your goals.


I emphasize the importance of the photographic image and the visual narration that incorporates and advances the essential elements in the products and the image.

Mobile Design

Design and development of positive experiences during the use of mobile devices and portable devices as well as applications or services that run on such devices.


Planning, organization, management and staffing in different e-commerce and web projects.

My Process